SMS vs Email

SMS campaigns vs. email campaigns are the focus of this day. bandarq For any small business owner, change is the one thing of which we can all be certain. Customers change, as do technology, competition, and the market.  Market Research can provide the business intelligence and actionable insights any existing business needs to be able to […]

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Mobile Marketing for Musicians

Mobile Marketing No matter the type of industry you are in, your business web site brands you, and a mobile-optimized website that you personally own allows you to communicate directly with your customers’ on-the-go using mobile marketing techniques.  Facebook pages and other sites that you do not own, but share/sell your products or services on […]

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Mobile Customers Are Ready

Your Mobile Customers Are Ready to Find You.  Are You Ready to Be Found By Them? Imagine. Your mobile customers visiting your website on their smartphones, and being redirected to a beautiful rich experience, helping present your business the way it’s meant to be seen. Clean. Quick loading. Easy-to-read with over 30 features included! Your […]

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