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Strategy For An Optimized Mobile Website From E-zen i-Marketing & Research

Before and After - Mobile Optimized Website

Figure 1                                   Figure 2 – Mobile  Optimized Website

 What Do Your Customers See When They Visit Your Mobile Website?

Do they see too much information?

Too tiny text?

Difficulty in navigating to find the information they are seeking?

We can help improve your mobile presence with an optimized mobile website.

An optimized mobile website provides good SEO in the search engines that can result in free traffic flowing to your mobile website.  Free traffic could result in prospects becoming customers.  Let us help you get to an optimized mobile website.


Other mobile website benefits include:

  • Helps enhance your ranking on mobile search engines
  • You get listed in more local directories
  • Makes it simple for prospects and customers to easily find the information they are seeking
  • You begin to establish yourself in the mobile sphere
  • Builds Brand Identity
  • Makes doing business with you much easier, anytime, anywhere
  • Faster page loads – mobile websites should load in 3 seconds
  • Buttons that are large enough to finger
  • Useful content


Risks of a Non-Optimized Website:

The risk of not having an optimized website is that your customers and prospects may do business with your competition instead of you! Consumers are going mobile, so if you do not provide your customers with an optimized mobile website presence, you may be losing their business.  Make sure your mobile website is optimized for a good user experience so prospects and customers continue to engage with your business instead of disengaging for a better user experience with your competition.


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Social Media Marketing Strategy

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING STRATEGYTo sustain a small business, engaging in social networking activities that incorporates a social media marketing strategy should play a major role in your marketing efforts for 2014. Small businesses that utilize video-styled commercials to reduce promotional expenses, and showcase features and benefits of products or services on business and mobile websites, is an example of activities within a good social media marketing strategy. Creating video-styled commercials for use in multimedia campaigns simplifies the promotional efforts about a products features and benefits when placed on video sharing websites, as well. Additionally, audio podcasts can be another way to promote products to those on the go with mobile devices. Both media venues allow customers, and potential customers, the freedom to learn about any products’ features and benefits from any device whether in the home or on the go.

The digital revolution is good news for small businesses because it has shifted the cost and spends of advertising dollars in a more affordable direction. A shift from television and newspaper advertising to online advertising responds to the ever-growing population of people with 24/7 Internet access to information enabling pervasive learning about products, anytime and anywhere. The use of 3D photo images that rotate on websites can be an outstanding way to promote and sell your products because it answers many questions by showing the height, width and depth of products’ features from every angle.

Social Media Marketing Strategy for Blogs

On business blog pages, videos with multimedia 3D photo images that can enlarge, decrease, or rotate and audio podcasts can both be embedded to educate visitors about the features of your products and benefits of your services, depending on the robustness of the platform infrastructure. A good social media marketing strategy should incorporate your blog platform to be able to utilize multimedia and social networking technologies that build relationships with visitors by supporting a collaborative learning environment for knowledge sharing and co-creation of more knowledge. No matter what your website offers, from luxury bathroom fixtures to websites offering deals-of-the-day, or custom luxury travel packages, and lest we not forget beautiful artwork for sale as examples, your customers should be able to comment or write testimonials on the quality of the brand of products offered, as well as on the customer support provided by your business. Potential new customers could learn about the different brands and compare the features between different brands, while businesses could glean new opportunities or head-off problems before they become viral with reputation management techniques. Social networking serves all with a model for exploring new opportunities and resolving problems.


Social Media Marketing Strategy for an Integrated Platform

An integrated technology platform enables an almost limitless amount of functionality between social media venues and social networking inter-activities for your online and mobile marketing campaigns. A good social media marketing strategy for an integrated platform should be cross-disciplinary with all forms of social networking buttons including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and email, as examples, enabling flexibility in interactive visitors’ experiences. These platform infrastructures are built with the goal of becoming cross-disciplinary using a combination of multifunctional, interactive technologies and processes that can benefit the bottom line when a good social media marketing strategy is implemented by savvy small businesses.

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Website Optimization

Website OptimizationBe ahead of your competitors when potential customers search to find your products and services by enhancing your online presence with good website optimization. Don’t just park your website on the web and hope for good results. Good website optimization can get lots of free traffic from the search engines. Website Optimization, (SEO), will enhance your online presence to help your customers find your business in the search engines, and is referred to as organic search. Once your Internet and mobile websites are optimized, then you can get found in the search engines and free traffic can start flowing through to your website. A positive result of receiving so much free traffic from the search engines is that this traffic can convert to new customers for your business

For optimal success online, small-medium business owners need to ensure their Internet and mobile websites are optimized to take advantage of free traffic flowing into their business which equates to potential new customers. The best way to reach customers on the go is through their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Use of mobile devices has become indispensable as its uses grows exponentially, so it is important that mobile websites are properly designed and optimized for use. For example, check out a story that was being watched this week by Mobile Marketing Watch: Get a Room! The Next Big Thing for Mobile is About to ‘Check In’

Positive change happens for businesses when owners invest in their businesses to meet the rising demands of what customers are searching for in the search engines, what they are doing when they reach your business website and how customers are using their devices, so businesses will ‘know thy customer’.

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