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SMS vs Email

SMS campaigns vs. email campaigns are the focus of this day.

Email vs SMS CampaignsFor any small business owner, change is the one thing of which we can all be certain. Customers change, as do technology, competition, and the market.  Market Research can provide the business intelligence and actionable insights any existing business needs to be able to make tweaks whenever these external forces impact your small business internal processes and strategies to prevent it from being left behind.

In recent years, external forces such as smartphones have transformed consumer behavior. Mobile websites, mobile search, social networking, video marketing, and digital marketing have become prolific.  Mobile optimized websites are at the core of today’s fast paced world when marketing to customers and having a mobile-optimized website puts your business ahead of your competition that doesn’t have one. Customers and potential customers are spending much more time accessing the internet on their smartphones than on their desktop and laptop computers.  However, customers are more demanding on how they want to receive marketing offers.

According to a recent eMarketer article, personalization preferences are the requirements that customers want from email subscriptions in order to keep their retention, based on recent research.  See more at:

Therefore, customers want to be made to feel that they are not just on a run-of-the-mill email mailing list, because they want personalizedcampaigns, immediate access to digital coupons sent to their phones that can be immediately redeemed when they are out and about, and other types of exclusive information based on their loyalty and personal preferences.  This is where SMS campaigns differ from email campaigns because SMS messages can be easily customized and targeted according to location, personal preferences, frequency of distribution and other wanted requirements of customers.

SMS Campaigns

SMS campaigns are an ideal way to immediately promote your offers to customers and potential customers while they are nowhere near their desktop computers at home, and it is far too inconvenient and dangerous to walk around with an opened laptop, but very convenient for them to be out and about with their smart devices.   SMS messages can be delivered instantaneously, drawing in customers’ to take action far more instantly than an email message would interest them to open immediately.  Customers are far more likely to open an SMS message within minutes and possibly benefit from location-based campaigns.  Based on a very informative location-based marketing article in the Huffington post, a Cisco survey suggested that more than half of customers say they would use coupons if sent to them as they were near the location offering the coupons.  See more at:


While it is clear that SMS campaigns are much more flexible, timely, and customer-friendly, your strategy, goals, and objectives should determine if email marketing or SMS campaigns are right for your business, or maybe both.


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Mobile Marketing for Musicians

Mobile Marketing Smartphone

Mobile Marketing

No matter the type of industry you are in, your business web site brands you, and a mobile-optimized website that you personally own allows you to communicate directly with your customers’ on-the-go using mobile marketing techniques.  Facebook pages and other sites that you do not own, but share/sell your products or services on will not brand your business when it comes right down to branding.

Mobile marketing can be a great enhancement to your mobile website, especially for hair salons, spas, restaurants, and entertainment sites.  It allows you to maintain relationships with your customers’ on-the-go by offering digital coupons as an incentive to visit your business for some type of discount on a product or service they use. Location-based marketing techniques using NFC stickers, SmartPosters, Beacons, more, are good examples of enticing mobile customers to come in and redeem their digital coupons when they are in close proximity of your business or in close proximity of the section within your business where the product or service is sold.  Varied mobile marketing sources have suggested that mobile advertising and consumer mobile spend is on the rise.  It makes sense since most consumers have their smart mobile devices with them when they are out and about and are frequently engaging on their smart devices.

The video highlights a few techniques, such as how musicians can benefit from proximity-based mobile marketing techniques utilizing SMS (text messaging) campaigns to engage with their mobile audience to sell tickets for performance events, or sell recordings, or other artifacts for sale that together can make a huge impact on revenue from sales.  Marketing techniques should focus on knowing what your mobile customers LOVE to hear, learn, enjoy, and buy from you, because you have already built relationships with your mobile audience.  Do not bombard your mobile audience with everything you have to offer on your desktop website as they will tire of too many mobile marketing messages coming from you.

Hair Salons, Spas, and Restaurants, too, are examples of businesses that can also benefit from proximity-based mobile marketing.  Sending geo-location digital coupons to the mobile phones of customers who live near or are in close proximity of your business or if already in your business and are in close proximity of the section offering the digital coupon for the product or service being discounted or given away can entice customers to make an immediate purchase for other items.  The coupon could be a free wash and set for hair salons or a free massage on a customer’s birthday, graduation day, or other celebratory event.  For restaurants, it could be a free drink or appetizer, as examples.  Don’t be surprised when your customers spread the good word about your business on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on, which equates to free word of mouth marketing that may gain you even more paying customers.

Begin with a user-friendly mobile website that can be easily viewed across all devices.  Then build your list of mobile fans who have previously opted-in (very important) to receive mobile marketing messages from you on their mobile devices and then engage those fans with what they like, to gain even more exposure and sales from your audience on-the-go.


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