SMS Campaigns


Many small business owners hold the incorrect assumption that once their website is built and hosted then prospects will automatically find their website because they believe in the premise ‘build it and they (prospects) will come’. So the business owners keep waiting, and waiting, and waiting until waiting becomes an exercise in frustration when they can utilize SMS Campaigns for immediate results.

As trained Mobile Marketers, we operate under a very different and much more accurate premise. We know that just as products need to be promoted to prospects and customers, websites need to be promoted to the search engines through optimization with an effective balance of keywords placed in the right places on websites to get listed in the search engines, while knowing there is no magic formula. Search engine optimization takes some time to accomplish and is an ongoing process that needs constant monitoring or tweaking combined with link building through social media and other strategies to gain a relevant position on the search engines. It takes a defined skillset, usually possessed by trained professionals, to successfully implement SEO strategies. If left un-optimized by business owners, websites may never be found through organic searches, thus rendering no free organic traffic to websites from potential prospects, and business owners will continue to wait months/years while losing out on potential sales and growth opportunities.




In the meantime, if small business owners realize that the search engine optimization (SEO) process must be done right and, even then, can take a long time, there are several ways to drive immediate traffic from prospects to websites, but many small business owners are unsure what to do or where to start to get immediate traffic flowing to their desktop or mobile websites, while the SEO optimization of their websites would be best left to trained professionals.

One way is through what is called “paid search” marketing while their websites are continually being analyzed and optimized for organic traffic to flow through which usually takes months before seeing noticeable results. For example, Pay-Per-Click Search engine marketing is a common way to drive instant traffic to your website in a very short timeframe. Keywords, Ad Groups, and Ads are utilized to generate campaigns in Google, Facebook, and other paid search advertising engines. Although it can cost as little as pennies because you only pay when prospects actually visit your website after clicking on your ads, those pennies can add up real fast because it actually takes very targeted knowledge and experience to run successful campaigns that give a good return on investment by targeting the right potential visitors that will click on your ads as compared to any and all visitors.



Short Message Service – SMS campaigns are another fast way to drive traffic from prospects to mobile websites, but an added benefit is that, unlike Pay-Per-Click marketing, SMS campaigns allow business owners to interact directly with prospects and customers because it is based on permission. The Mobile Marketing Organization has established ‘opt-in’ and ‘opt-out’ rules of the road that need to followed. For example, when you send out a marketing campaign promoting a product, service, discount, etc., customers who text your business back must confirm that they are opting-in to your SMS campaigns list and also must be given clear instructions on how to opt-out if they no longer wish to participate.

When you choose SMS campaigns, you need to utilize short codes such as was utilized by the, recently defunct, American Idol television show for voting campaigns. Applying for a dedicated short code could take a long time and owning the short code could become very expensive for a small business. Marketing agencies offer much less expensive SMS campaigns utilizing shared short codes for small businesses compared to dedicated short codes utilized by large corporations that continuously engage in SMS marketing campaigns. For example, QVC currently uses a 5 digit dedicated SMS code for customers to purchase items, where they would text the item number being promoted on television to 78246 (QVCGO). The item number is the promoted keyword.

Similarly, small businesses can reach customers directly by utilizing keywords that customers or prospects can text to a shared short code that is usually a 5-digit or 6-digit code to engage in interactive marketing to communicate directly with their customers or prospects via mobile devices for polls, voting, contests, disseminating discount coupons or other special promotions.

Mobile Marketing is a cinch, whether you want to run a mobile SMS campaign where you create all types of fun and engaging SMS  campaign votes/polls, provide on-demand rewards, coupons, links to mobile sites and loyalty program opt-ins, or send and receive bulk/individual SMS campaign messages, when you utilize an integrated web-based platform, shared SMS code, direct carrier connection and you follow the rules of the road for mobile marketing.

You will find expert services at our E-Zen i-Marketing & Research Agency whether you want to run a small business mobile voting campaign where you create all types of fun and engaging SMS campaigns such as votes/polls with your customers or you need a new mobile website that can handle interactive marketing or you need an SEO overhaul of your current website to see if you are progressing on the road to lots of free, organic traffic to your website.

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SMS vs Email

SMS campaigns vs. email campaigns are the focus of this day.

Email vs SMS CampaignsFor any small business owner, change is the one thing of which we can all be certain. Customers change, as do technology, competition, and the market.  Market Research can provide the business intelligence and actionable insights any existing business needs to be able to make tweaks whenever these external forces impact your small business internal processes and strategies to prevent it from being left behind.

In recent years, external forces such as smartphones have transformed consumer behavior. Mobile websites, mobile search, social networking, video marketing, and digital marketing have become prolific.  Mobile optimized websites are at the core of today’s fast paced world when marketing to customers and having a mobile-optimized website puts your business ahead of your competition that doesn’t have one. Customers and potential customers are spending much more time accessing the internet on their smartphones than on their desktop and laptop computers.  However, customers are more demanding on how they want to receive marketing offers.

According to a recent eMarketer article, personalization preferences are the requirements that customers want from email subscriptions in order to keep their retention, based on recent research.  See more at:

Therefore, customers want to be made to feel that they are not just on a run-of-the-mill email mailing list, because they want personalizedcampaigns, immediate access to digital coupons sent to their phones that can be immediately redeemed when they are out and about, and other types of exclusive information based on their loyalty and personal preferences.  This is where SMS campaigns differ from email campaigns because SMS messages can be easily customized and targeted according to location, personal preferences, frequency of distribution and other wanted requirements of customers.

SMS Campaigns

SMS campaigns are an ideal way to immediately promote your offers to customers and potential customers while they are nowhere near their desktop computers at home, and it is far too inconvenient and dangerous to walk around with an opened laptop, but very convenient for them to be out and about with their smart devices.   SMS messages can be delivered instantaneously, drawing in customers’ to take action far more instantly than an email message would interest them to open immediately.  Customers are far more likely to open an SMS message within minutes and possibly benefit from location-based campaigns.  Based on a very informative location-based marketing article in the Huffington post, a Cisco survey suggested that more than half of customers say they would use coupons if sent to them as they were near the location offering the coupons.  See more at:


While it is clear that SMS campaigns are much more flexible, timely, and customer-friendly, your strategy, goals, and objectives should determine if email marketing or SMS campaigns are right for your business, or maybe both.


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Mobile Marketing for Musicians

Mobile Marketing Smartphone

Mobile Marketing

No matter the type of industry you are in, your business web site brands you, and a mobile-optimized website that you personally own allows you to communicate directly with your customers’ on-the-go using mobile marketing techniques.  Facebook pages and other sites that you do not own, but share/sell your products or services on will not brand your business when it comes right down to branding.

Mobile marketing can be a great enhancement to your mobile website, especially for hair salons, spas, restaurants, and entertainment sites.  It allows you to maintain relationships with your customers’ on-the-go by offering digital coupons as an incentive to visit your business for some type of discount on a product or service they use. Location-based marketing techniques using NFC stickers, SmartPosters, Beacons, more, are good examples of enticing mobile customers to come in and redeem their digital coupons when they are in close proximity of your business or in close proximity of the section within your business where the product or service is sold.  Varied mobile marketing sources have suggested that mobile advertising and consumer mobile spend is on the rise.  It makes sense since most consumers have their smart mobile devices with them when they are out and about and are frequently engaging on their smart devices.

The video highlights a few techniques, such as how musicians can benefit from proximity-based mobile marketing techniques utilizing SMS (text messaging) campaigns to engage with their mobile audience to sell tickets for performance events, or sell recordings, or other artifacts for sale that together can make a huge impact on revenue from sales.  Marketing techniques should focus on knowing what your mobile customers LOVE to hear, learn, enjoy, and buy from you, because you have already built relationships with your mobile audience.  Do not bombard your mobile audience with everything you have to offer on your desktop website as they will tire of too many mobile marketing messages coming from you.

Hair Salons, Spas, and Restaurants, too, are examples of businesses that can also benefit from proximity-based mobile marketing.  Sending geo-location digital coupons to the mobile phones of customers who live near or are in close proximity of your business or if already in your business and are in close proximity of the section offering the digital coupon for the product or service being discounted or given away can entice customers to make an immediate purchase for other items.  The coupon could be a free wash and set for hair salons or a free massage on a customer’s birthday, graduation day, or other celebratory event.  For restaurants, it could be a free drink or appetizer, as examples.  Don’t be surprised when your customers spread the good word about your business on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on, which equates to free word of mouth marketing that may gain you even more paying customers.

Begin with a user-friendly mobile website that can be easily viewed across all devices.  Then build your list of mobile fans who have previously opted-in (very important) to receive mobile marketing messages from you on their mobile devices and then engage those fans with what they like, to gain even more exposure and sales from your audience on-the-go.


E-Zen i-Marketing & Research can help improve your mobile presence

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Mobile Customers Are Ready

Your Mobile Customers Are Ready to Find You.  Are You Ready to Be Found By Them?

Before-and-After_what mobile customers see

Imagine. Your mobile customers visiting your website on their smartphones, and being redirected to a beautiful rich experience, helping present your business the way it’s meant to be seen. Clean. Quick loading. Easy-to-read with over 30 features included!

Your menu, live map directions, click-to-call, photo and video galleries, mobile coupons, news, bios and more!

Did you know that in 2014 there are currently more than 5 times as many phones in the world than computers and more local searches now happen on mobile devices than desktop computers?

What do your mobile customers see when they pull up your website on a smartphone?

Many business websites are built using Flash; others were designed for a big screen.
Some take a while to download; and some just simply don’t work on a mobile device  giving your mobile customers a poor experience!

It’s a fact – over 82% of websites are not mobile compatible.

Google says that if your mobile website is hard to read, 61% of your audience leaves,
and 40% goes to a competitor that has a good mobile web presence.

Don’t let your competition go mobile before you do to steal your mobile customers and prospects.


Go Mobile Customer Ready in Days with Our Exclusive Offer

The Juicy Details

For a limited time, E-Zen i-Marketing & Research, LLC is offering an exclusive package that includes complete development of your new mobile website. Best of all – you’ll be live within a week!

Mobile Customers See OptimizedWebsite-Plumbing-2Elements of your new mobile-optimized website include:

  • Your current brand/logo/colors
  • Restaurant menu(s) module
  • Any current photos/video/media
  • Connecting your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Easy check-ins on (Foursquare, Facebook Places, Google+, etc.)
  • Links to your reviews (Yelp, Urbanspoon, Chowhound, etc.)
  • Technical setup and creation of
  • Installation of our redirection script on your current website

(to automatically point your mobile customers to your new mobile site)

  • We make all changes for you!

Includes your first month of hosting! ($100 value)

  • Reduced monthly fee of $80/month (20% lifetime discount)
  • BONUS: Free Google Places review (a $299 value)

 All this for just:
$999 setup + $75 per month

A total savings of $1200 in your first year!

Includes one-time setup fee, full design, installation and monthly traffic reports/strategy.

(Plus applicable taxes. Monthly fees include fixed number of website changes.)

 It’s just our way of saying thanks, before your mobile customers’ thank you.






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Mobile Website or Mobile App?

Did you wonder whether a mobile website or mobile application (app) is the right choice for your small business?  Like most other business decisions, answers should be found within your strategy.  A short answer relates to if your strategy is that of customer acquisition or that of customer retention.


Nexus mobile website

In a previous post we mentioned an optimized mobile website provides good search engine optimization (SEO) on the search engines that can result in free traffic flowing to your mobile website from the prolific amount of people searching for the products or services your business offers.  Free mobile website traffic could result in a few prospects or a prolific amount of prospects becoming new customers when you get found from good SEO techniques.  Similar results could occur from your paid search campaigns such as pay-per-click marketing campaigns when you identify where your potential new customers are and what ad campaigns would best reach those prospects who are searching for products or services like yours.    This can be accomplished by deliberately basing your ads keywords on actual and relevant search queries on search engines related to your products and services.  You will have defined the specific products or services they are seeking similar to yours and then you can provide prospects with your targeted ad offers so they click on your ads and hopefully convert to customers.  These are two examples of tactics for your customer acquisition strategy.  Customer acquisition strategies are useful when you are growing your business.


mobile website-iphone apps

Customer retention strategies targets existing customers and are useful for keeping existing customers engaged and coming back for more, such as discounts, special offers and loyalty programs QR or GPS coupon system, video and podcast distributions, blogs, shopping carts, menus, and other tactics that keep customers coming back.  You should have some idea of how much usage you can expect from the customer with retention from engagement tactics.  Mobile apps, short for mobile applications, allows you to engage your existing customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whether they are home or on-the-go.  However, new customers can also be acquired through app distribution channels such as an app store search (SEO) or when linked with a website.  Also, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) opportunities exists to market your apps, as well.  Most prospects would want to be familiar with your products and services before they download your app though, whereas your existing customers are already familiar with your products and services and are much more likely to download your app.


Large businesses have found other ideal internal uses for apps such as using apps as Software as a Service (SaaS) processes to handle routine tasks such as bill payments, invoicing, and accounting, or Platform as a Service (PaaS) for employee productivity and process improvements, as examples.

Small businesses need to take into consideration that mobile application development is not necessarily any less expensive than mobile website development because even though icons are used it still requires expertise in design layout, appearance and content, especially if you want your app approved in Apple’s iTunes.  The app may pull content and data from the Internet, in similar fashion to a website, or it may download the content so that it can be accessed without an Internet connection.  Even though the cloud may take care of the technical back-end processes, from secure mobile architectures, including client-servers and databases to secure mobile infrastructures, including primary functions, components, connection, and communications methods of device types, development costs may be more expensive when the requirements call for providing interfaces, design and content to multiple operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry) or multiple device types.  The iTunes mobile application development process has strict approval guidelines for determining if your app interface and design provides a good user experience and adds value so an alternative may be designing an Android app.


Alternative to apps, responsive website design can eliminate the complexity of having to create separate mobile website versions of your website because it automatically adjusts the layout to suit the device being used.  Although responsive website design is a Google preferred solution for website design, it is not the only Google accepted solution for websites as your requirements will help determine the design solution.  For example, if your business already has a website that is working for you but is not mobile-friendly, then a separate dedicated mobile-friendly website or dynamically streamlined content and graphics-specific versions of your website may be the solution for smartphones and tablets.


Ideally, every business, large and small, should have customer acquisition and customer retention strategies, so both a mobile website and an app may be the solution.  Your business strategy and goals should determine the tools and tactics used for growing your business whether through SEO and marketing campaigns or whether retaining current customers through engagements that keep them coming back which you will already know by the amount of current traffic coming to your website.  Mobile websites can be developed as database-driven web applications that act very much like native apps. Mobile apps would be a no-brainer for heavily-trafficked websites.  With the right marketing campaigns your small business can grow with mobile apps, as well.  Keep in mind that maintaining an app with upgrades, including resolving compatibility issues will be more expensive and involved than maintaining a mobile website over time, therefore an attractive return on investment (ROI) for dollars spent should be a consideration with your chosen decision.


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Strategy For An Optimized Mobile Website From E-zen i-Marketing & Research

Before and After - Mobile Optimized Website

Figure 1                                   Figure 2 – Mobile  Optimized Website

 What Do Your Customers See When They Visit Your Mobile Website?

Do they see too much information?

Too tiny text?

Difficulty in navigating to find the information they are seeking?

We can help improve your mobile presence with an optimized mobile website.

An optimized mobile website provides good SEO in the search engines that can result in free traffic flowing to your mobile website.  Free traffic could result in prospects becoming customers.  Let us help you get to an optimized mobile website.


Other mobile website benefits include:

  • Helps enhance your ranking on mobile search engines
  • You get listed in more local directories
  • Makes it simple for prospects and customers to easily find the information they are seeking
  • You begin to establish yourself in the mobile sphere
  • Builds Brand Identity
  • Makes doing business with you much easier, anytime, anywhere
  • Faster page loads – mobile websites should load in 3 seconds
  • Buttons that are large enough to finger
  • Useful content


Risks of a Non-Optimized Website:

The risk of not having an optimized website is that your customers and prospects may do business with your competition instead of you! Consumers are going mobile, so if you do not provide your customers with an optimized mobile website presence, you may be losing their business.  Make sure your mobile website is optimized for a good user experience so prospects and customers continue to engage with your business instead of disengaging for a better user experience with your competition.


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Social Media Marketing Strategy

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING STRATEGYTo sustain a small business, engaging in social networking activities that incorporates a social media marketing strategy should play a major role in your marketing efforts for 2014. Small businesses that utilize video-styled commercials to reduce promotional expenses, and showcase features and benefits of products or services on business and mobile websites, is an example of activities within a good social media marketing strategy. Creating video-styled commercials for use in multimedia campaigns simplifies the promotional efforts about a products features and benefits when placed on video sharing websites, as well. Additionally, audio podcasts can be another way to promote products to those on the go with mobile devices. Both media venues allow customers, and potential customers, the freedom to learn about any products’ features and benefits from any device whether in the home or on the go.

The digital revolution is good news for small businesses because it has shifted the cost and spends of advertising dollars in a more affordable direction. A shift from television and newspaper advertising to online advertising responds to the ever-growing population of people with 24/7 Internet access to information enabling pervasive learning about products, anytime and anywhere. The use of 3D photo images that rotate on websites can be an outstanding way to promote and sell your products because it answers many questions by showing the height, width and depth of products’ features from every angle.

Social Media Marketing Strategy for Blogs

On business blog pages, videos with multimedia 3D photo images that can enlarge, decrease, or rotate and audio podcasts can both be embedded to educate visitors about the features of your products and benefits of your services, depending on the robustness of the platform infrastructure. A good social media marketing strategy should incorporate your blog platform to be able to utilize multimedia and social networking technologies that build relationships with visitors by supporting a collaborative learning environment for knowledge sharing and co-creation of more knowledge. No matter what your website offers, from luxury bathroom fixtures to websites offering deals-of-the-day, or custom luxury travel packages, and lest we not forget beautiful artwork for sale as examples, your customers should be able to comment or write testimonials on the quality of the brand of products offered, as well as on the customer support provided by your business. Potential new customers could learn about the different brands and compare the features between different brands, while businesses could glean new opportunities or head-off problems before they become viral with reputation management techniques. Social networking serves all with a model for exploring new opportunities and resolving problems.


Social Media Marketing Strategy for an Integrated Platform

An integrated technology platform enables an almost limitless amount of functionality between social media venues and social networking inter-activities for your online and mobile marketing campaigns. A good social media marketing strategy for an integrated platform should be cross-disciplinary with all forms of social networking buttons including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and email, as examples, enabling flexibility in interactive visitors’ experiences. These platform infrastructures are built with the goal of becoming cross-disciplinary using a combination of multifunctional, interactive technologies and processes that can benefit the bottom line when a good social media marketing strategy is implemented by savvy small businesses.

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Website Optimization

Website OptimizationBe ahead of your competitors when potential customers search to find your products and services by enhancing your online presence with good website optimization. Don’t just park your website on the web and hope for good results. Good website optimization can get lots of free traffic from the search engines. Website Optimization, (SEO), will enhance your online presence to help your customers find your business in the search engines, and is referred to as organic search. Once your Internet and mobile websites are optimized, then you can get found in the search engines and free traffic can start flowing through to your website. A positive result of receiving so much free traffic from the search engines is that this traffic can convert to new customers for your business

For optimal success online, small-medium business owners need to ensure their Internet and mobile websites are optimized to take advantage of free traffic flowing into their business which equates to potential new customers. The best way to reach customers on the go is through their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Use of mobile devices has become indispensable as its uses grows exponentially, so it is important that mobile websites are properly designed and optimized for use. For example, check out a story that was being watched this week by Mobile Marketing Watch: Get a Room! The Next Big Thing for Mobile is About to ‘Check In’

Positive change happens for businesses when owners invest in their businesses to meet the rising demands of what customers are searching for in the search engines, what they are doing when they reach your business website and how customers are using their devices, so businesses will ‘know thy customer’.

Let’s Discuss Website Optimization:

Do you know if your website is optimized for the search engines (SEO)?

Do you have any questions about web optimization (SEO)?


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