Many small business owners hold the incorrect assumption that once their website is built and hosted then prospects will automatically find their website because they believe in the premise ‘build it and they (prospects) will come’. So the business owners keep waiting, and waiting, and waiting until waiting becomes an exercise in frustration when they can utilize SMS Campaigns for immediate results.

As trained Mobile Marketers, we operate under a very different and much more accurate premise. We know that just as products need to be promoted to prospects and customers, websites need to be promoted to the search engines through optimization with an effective balance of keywords placed in the right places on websites to get listed in the search engines, while knowing there is no magic formula. Search engine optimization takes some time to accomplish and is an ongoing process that needs constant monitoring or tweaking combined with link building through social media and other strategies to gain a relevant position on the search engines. It takes a defined skillset, usually possessed by trained professionals, to successfully implement SEO strategies. If left un-optimized by business owners, websites may never be found through organic searches, thus rendering no free organic traffic to websites from potential prospects, and business owners will continue to wait months/years while losing out on potential sales and growth opportunities.




In the meantime, if small business owners realize that the search engine optimization (SEO) process must be done right and, even then, can take a long time, there are several ways to drive immediate traffic from prospects to websites, but many small business owners are unsure what to do or where to start to get immediate traffic flowing to their desktop or mobile websites, while the SEO optimization of their websites would be best left to trained professionals.

One way is through what is called “paid search” marketing while their websites are continually being analyzed and optimized for organic traffic to flow through which usually takes months before seeing noticeable results. For example, Pay-Per-Click Search engine marketing is a common way to drive instant traffic to your website in a very short timeframe. Keywords, Ad Groups, and Ads are utilized to generate campaigns in Google, Facebook, and other paid search advertising engines. Although it can cost as little as pennies because you only pay when prospects actually visit your website after clicking on your ads, those pennies can add up real fast because it actually takes very targeted knowledge and experience to run successful campaigns that give a good return on investment by targeting the right potential visitors that will click on your ads as compared to any and all visitors.



Short Message Service – SMS campaigns are another fast way to drive traffic from prospects to mobile websites, but an added benefit is that, unlike Pay-Per-Click marketing, SMS campaigns allow business owners to interact directly with prospects and customers because it is based on permission. The Mobile Marketing Organization has established ‘opt-in’ and ‘opt-out’ rules of the road that need to followed. For example, when you send out a marketing campaign promoting a product, service, discount, etc., customers who text your business back must confirm that they are opting-in to your SMS campaigns list and also must be given clear instructions on how to opt-out if they no longer wish to participate.

When you choose SMS campaigns, you need to utilize short codes such as was utilized by the, recently defunct, American Idol television show for voting campaigns. Applying for a dedicated short code could take a long time and owning the short code could become very expensive for a small business. Marketing agencies offer much less expensive SMS campaigns utilizing shared short codes for small businesses compared to dedicated short codes utilized by large corporations that continuously engage in SMS marketing campaigns. For example, QVC currently uses a 5 digit dedicated SMS code for customers to purchase items, where they would text the item number being promoted on television to 78246 (QVCGO). The item number is the promoted keyword.

Similarly, small businesses can reach customers directly by utilizing keywords that customers or prospects can text to a shared short code that is usually a 5-digit or 6-digit code to engage in interactive marketing to communicate directly with their customers or prospects via mobile devices for polls, voting, contests, disseminating discount coupons or other special promotions.

Mobile Marketing is a cinch, whether you want to run a mobile SMS campaign where you create all types of fun and engaging SMS  campaign votes/polls, provide on-demand rewards, coupons, links to mobile sites and loyalty program opt-ins, or send and receive bulk/individual SMS campaign messages, when you utilize an integrated web-based platform, shared SMS code, direct carrier connection and you follow the rules of the road for mobile marketing.

You will find expert services at our E-Zen i-Marketing & Research Agency whether you want to run a small business mobile voting campaign where you create all types of fun and engaging SMS campaigns such as votes/polls with your customers or you need a new mobile website that can handle interactive marketing or you need an SEO overhaul of your current website to see if you are progressing on the road to lots of free, organic traffic to your website.

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